I’ve been blogging at my website snowspot.net for eleven years. After interning and contributing at Gawker, I created snowspotmedia.com. Since then, I have written hundreds of articles, here are a few:

Snowspot Media (snowspotmedia.com)

Jon Stewart Destroys Bill O’Reilly in Live Debate / Highlights (Video)
The 9/11 Comments the Cost Bill Maher his Job
What Will Portal 3 be About?
Bill Maher: The Founding Fathers Would Have Hated the Tea-Bagger’s Guts
What I’d like to see in Little Big Planet 3
Blood-Thirsty Anderson Cooper See’s Ratings Increase Following Teen Tragedy
Bill O’Reilly and Atheist Dave Silverman Debate Religion on Fox News (Video)
Sherri Shepherd: I Don’t Believe In Evolution, I Believe in the Literal Translation of the Bible.

Gawker (Gawker.com/Gawkertv.com)

Tea Baggers FAIL, Health Care Reform Passes
LEAKED: Steve Jobs’ Desperate Voicemails to Bar Where Next iPhone was Lost
Ann Coulter Babbles incoherently on The Joy Behar Show
Rick Sanchez Gets Self-Righteous About Tea-Bagger Tweets

QJ (Qj.net)

Obama Calls Videogames “Distractions”
Rumor: PSP2 Might Be Making Debut at E3

Interview: (nycreativeinterns.com)

Blogs as Resumes & @GawkerTV: An Interview with Jon Martin

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